Internal Medicine is a field of medicine that encompasses many sub specialties like hematology, oncology or cardiovascular disease. Internists that choose not to sub specialize are often referred to as General Internists or Primary Care Physicians (PCP). In most cases, internists limit their practice to patients over the age of 18 because they do not have training in pediatric patients.

At Kansas Physician Group, our internists strive to be your gateway to the medical field. That is, we want to partner with our patients to not only help them manage active disease processes, but also to prevent health conditions and when necessary, coordinate care between specialists. Our team of physicians and nurse practitioners are skilled at addressing all facets of healthcare and keep appointments open not only for annual physicals and check-ups but also for those acute issues like colds that show up at the worst possible times.

For internal medicine care at Kansas Physician Group, make an appointment with Dr. Lai or Dr. Kroeker.